Handmade Gifts and Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas Tree with handcrafted and recycled items that come from Bethlehem, the city of the Birthplace of Jesus!

It’s a Family Business

Inspired by Bethlehem’s history and symbolism, PalGlass collections transform the presence of angels, doves, stars and candles into a universe of comforting and cheerful home decors. The founder, Mervat Jackaman, works with the glass shards she recycles from the rubble, transforming waste into a new material to exploit. All her creations, carefully crafted to detail, are rigorously designed in house and handmade.

Handmade Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

Designed specially to decorate your house and Christmas tree!

We do it with passion!

We have a deep passion for our products. Our creations are everything for us: we clean the streets from abandoned glass and we transform seemingly “dead material” and used bottles into new, living objects. Our creations have a soul! Our soul, the soul of our family, which we insert with every step of the production.